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Collaborative Partners


Shared Values

We believe in building a partnership right from the start.  We feel that strong, entrepreneurial, experienced management is the cornerstone of a successful business.  We partner and align ourselves with management to provide a strong foundation for future growth. Our investment partners come from industry which helps us understand complex business issues and the link between strategy and implementation.  

We work to align all parties’ interests by taking the time to understand and define strategic goals. This alignment supports a framework that allows us to work alongside management to assist with growth, evaluation of opportunities and achievement of long-term objectives.

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Executus Capital Inc.

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At Executus we don't just invest in business assets, we invest in people.  We believe people, culture and experience are essential to our business transactions.  We enjoy partnering with like-minded business management and entrepreneurs such as ourselves that share in similar values and vision of growth.  In many instances we desire management to become equity partners alongside us to share in the upside as the company grows.

​We believe in a foundation of integrity, culture, respect and creativity.  Our partners within Executus share these same values and enjoy collaborating with management teams that build on these core values.  We are more than equity partners, we listen, we are accountable, we care,  and we build mutual respect and trust by doing what we say we will do.


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Investment Structure

We provide equity transactions for the purposes of buy-outs, management buy-outs, succession buy-outs, recapitalizations, divestitures of corporate non-core assets, consolidations and growth initiatives.

Industry Focus

Executus makes investments in established companies with a proven track record and a sustainable competitive advantage.  We examine industry fundamentals such as maturity, growth, competitors and opportunities.  Our investments focus on the following industries:

 ​                                  Industrials                                                            Manufacturing
                                   Construction/Infrastructure                                  Energy (resource, clean tech)
                                   Agriculture                                                           Consumer goods

We do not invest in E&P, early stage start ups, highly leveraged/distressed companies, and wholesale distribution businesses.   

Company Criteria

We invest in a diverse base of companies that have solid management and opportunities for growth.  We look to invest in businesses with the following core principles:

          Headquarters or significant operations in Canada (focus on Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba)​
          Strong competitive position or niche within the industry they operate in
          Opportunities to grow either through organic or acquisition expansion
          Strong, experienced management with integrity and vision
          EBITDA ranging between $2 million and $5 million

Exit Strategy

​Since Executus investment partners are business owners, high net worth individuals and family wealth, our mandate is that of a long-term, value investor with no specific timeline for each investment.   We believe a stronger value is available where we can hold our investments through substantial growth and expansive maturity.  We focus on driving value by taking a longer, more patient approach to our investments.